Our People

Experienced Professionals Achieving Your Goals

Listing Alphabetically by Last Name

Juanita Barnes – Staff Accountant

Stan Barrett – Account Executive

Robin Blackman – Chief Financial Officer

Irina Butler – Account Executive

Sibel Clifford  – Senior Associate

Lily Davidson – Operations Director

Kassidy Davis – Associate

John Flatley – President

Melissa T. Forburger – Vice President

Carrie Hoffman – Senior Vice President

Juan Huaylla – Director of Finance and Administration

John Gay – Client Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Director

Caiomhe Kenny – Associate

Melissa LeTendre – Client Finance Director

Yungdung Lhamo – Staff Accountant

Jen McCadden – Senior Associate

Christina McGrath – Senior Associate

Erin Murphy – Senior Account Executive

Christopher Murphy – Senior Vice President

Bryan Nicholson – Senior Account Executive

Uloma Ogbonna – Associate

Richie O’Neil – Account Executive

Matt Pina – Associate

Megan Salo – Coordinator

Ryan Smith – Associate

Jennifer Polo-Sherk– Senior Associate

Felecia Silver – Associate

Moira Skelley – Associate

Ryan Smith – Associate

Josh Steinhardt – Associate

Anne-Vogel-Marr – Senior Account Executive

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