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Strategic Guidance

Strategic Guidance

An organization’s mission is the driving force behind every decision it takes. Through robust stakeholder engagement processes and data driven feasibility studies, our expert staff works with you to set goals, allocate resources and advise on programmatic priorities, ensuring your organization can achieve its goals even when the future seems uncertain.

“AMS has done a remarkable job organizing and focusing [Sorptive Minerals Institute’s (SMI)] efforts as a collective group. AMS keeps us on track, organizes and facilitates our meetings, identifies key industry issues and brings these to our attention… AMS feels like a member of SMI and is genuinely concerned about our companies, people and issues. AMS is a “coach” to direct us, keep us on track and motivate us to stay on task. I vote for them as the “Coach of the Year” every year. I have worked with several management companies and none compare to AMS and the value they bring to SMI.”

Joe Betulius, President of SMI


Key Service Areas

Strategic Planning
AMS’s skilled client managers and facilitators have helped dozens of organizations to clarify their visions and missions, develop strategic plans, and establish measurable, achievable objectives. Through helping our clients define and prioritize goals, AMS ensures that our client partners pursue and achieve their mission. This process also establishes the foundation for a successful partnership between AMS and our clients, by creating shared expectations and parameters for the AMS team’s daily work.

Leadership Recruitment & Succession Planning
The process of recruiting new leadership is critical for both an organization’s longevity and effectiveness. Building genuine, strong partnerships is at the center of AMS’s corporate culture, allowing clients to entrust the AMS team with the sensitive work of advising on leadership succession plans. Whether a client is seeking assistance with recruitment for volunteer leadership positions or executive search, AMS is prepared to run every aspect of the process from creating a search strategy, to identifying and vetting candidates, to onboarding.

Board Effectiveness and Composition
The AMS team is experienced in helping boards operate at their full potential. We work with client boards to provide orientation and training on board responsibilities and best practices. AMS also offers analysis of board composition and supports recruitment practices that create boards which represent the organization’s strategic priorities and reflect diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

Value Proposition & Membership Program Analysis
Periodic review of an association’s value proposition and funding structures allows the association to evolve and remain relevant in a rapidly changing world. When engaged to conduct a value proposition or membership program analysis, AMS’s expert staff use a variety of research methods to solicit feedback from internal and external stakeholders and conduct environmental scans of comparable organizations. AMS’s analyses are presented to clients with recommendation for action which AMS can execute upon the client’s approval.

New Technology Implementation
Technology including websites, association management software, learning management software, webinar and virtual event products and apps are critical tools for all associations. AMS staff can work with clients to evaluate the technology needs of the association as a whole or in a specific programmatic area. When it is time for a change or to add a new tech tool, the AMS team can support the entire process from sourcing and selecting a new products through project management of implementation.

Organizational Assessment
No matter how established your association is, it can be helpful to hit pause from time to time and take stock of where you stand in relation to your organizational goals, and identify potential areas for improvement. We can help you assess your existing organizational structure and processes to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses, and to highlight possible inefficiencies. We use the results of this assessment to develop potential strategies and goals, and implement programs to help you achieve them. We have helped existing clients to successfully implement strategies for hiring and staffing, outsourcing, new revenue stream development, and new business development.

Start-Up Support:
AMS has extensive experience in building start-up associations as well as transitioning stand- alone organizations to an AMC model. AMS’s competitive advantage is that we fully understand the association context. Not only can we do the required paperwork to establish your new association, AMS can guide the founding members through an effective planning process informed by our expertise in how associations function, what they need to operate effectively on a day-to-day basis, and how to achieve mid- and long-term goals.

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