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Board & Committee Support

Board & Committee Support

Boards and committees define the strategic direction of an organization. AMS provides the support your board needs to be successful in this important task. From agenda development, to overseeing the nomination and election process, to reviewing and creating governance documents in alignment with best practices, our staff ensures your organization meets its short and long-term goals and objectives.

“The Electricity Storage Association has experienced rapid growth and hiring AMS proved to be one of the single biggest steps the organization made in the last three years. The caliber of the AMS team members is exceptional and this has made the ESA a truly professional association on par with any other in Washington. The impact they have made on building our image has been outstanding.”

Brad Roberts, Past Executive Director, Electricity Storage Association


Key Service Areas

Executive Management
AMS provides access to a deep bench of Executive Director and senior level talent to lead your association. Our executives come from a wide range of backgrounds, from well-rounded association management veterans to industry transplants with specialized skill sets. We place a strong emphasis on professional development to ensure staff are constantly upskilling and adhering to current best practice methodologies.

Strategic Planning and Guidance
AMS guides your board through strategic planning processes, taking your association’s goals into account and creating a roadmap for future success. Best practice methodologies combine with creativity and lateral thinking to advance your organization’s mission and ensure goals and deliverables are met. Our experienced staff provide training and one-on-one consultations to help new board members get up to speed and ensure institutional continuity, particularly for boards with high turnovers.

Meeting Facilitation
AMS handles logistics and planning for your meetings and events, so your board and committees can focus on what’s really important. We’ll handle everything from location selection, catering and travel logistics, to agenda development, meeting management and follow-ups. AMS favors early adoption of improved technology solutions for meeting management, such as event registration tools, content and collaboration platforms, and survey and reporting software.

Board Documentation & Governance
AMS staff have demonstrated experience in developing board agendas and materials and ensuring governance documents such as policies, procedures and by-laws are kept up to date and in compliance with industry standards. Our staff prides itself on building and maintaining strong networks with industry and professional service organizations, allowing us to seek guidance from outside counsel and subject-matter experts when necessary.

Nominations and Elections
AMS safeguards your board nomination and election processes, guaranteeing they remain open, fair and transparent. We are skilled at cultivating and maintaining a volunteer network, ensuring consistent access to a deep pool of qualified candidates and a steady leadership pipeline. Nominations and elections are comprehensively documented and held in compliance with local and state laws.

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