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Our diligent staff provides top-notch customer service to you and your members. As the face of your organization, we handle your membership recruitment, retention, and renewal process, respond to member inquiries and produce and deliver member benefits all while keeping daily operations running smoothly. With a deep knowledge of constituent databases and the ability to operate remotely, our team identifies opportunities to streamline systems that are already in place or implement new systems that work better for your members.

“AMS is a valuable member of the GridWise Alliance team. Their responsiveness, integrity, and quality of work provide the infrastructure that allows the Alliance to run at light speed. This type of professionalism is a virtue to any organization.”

Guido Bartels, GridWise Alliance, Past Chairman


Key Service Areas

Membership Recruitment
AMS supports the growth of our client associations by managing successful membership recruitment efforts. Developing and implementing membership recruitment strategies and involving board members in recruitment efforts are just two of the ways we tackle recruitment. Our team is skilled at generating and following up on leads, building fruitful relationships with perspective members and creating effective membership marketing campaigns and materials.

Membership Retention and Renewal
Optimizing membership retention is one of the many ways AMS helps clients meet their annual strategic and revenue goals. Retention starts the day a member joins and is a process, tailored to the unique needs of each client, focused on providing value to each member. AMS relies on effective communications and marketing tactics to ensure that current members see the value of their membership. This makes it easier for members to choose to renew and leads to  a successful renewal processes and financial stability for our clients.

Customer Service
The AMS team takes our role as the “face” of our client’s organizations very seriously. Each client’s communications are handled with the utmost care and attention. AMS provides each client with a dedicated phone number and personalized phone attendant menu. Email addresses are created for each client team using the client’s domain. Calls and emails are always answered in the appropriate client’s name and constituent communication is governed by clear expectations regarding response time and customer service quality laid out in AMS’s corporate procedure manual. There is never any doubt that our team members are representing your association.

Member Benefits Production & Delivery
Producing superior membership benefits, including bulletins, articles, journals, e-newsletters, and reports is one of the surest ways an association can provide value to its members. AMS team members produce and deliver relevant, high quality, timely, and punctual membership benefits that match each clients voice and brand. We can also consult on how current benefits could be refreshed or what new benefits might bring increased value to our client’s members.

Association Database Administration and Systems Management
We believe that data should drive decisions. Our team has experience optimizing industry leading Association Management Software (AMS) including Salesforce, Nimble, MemberClicks, MemberSuite and RiSE/iMIS. Member data is a powerful tool; we use data management best practices to ensure client data plays an integral role in meeting client goals. We ensure that each of our clients is managing their membership data with tools that meet their needs. When it is time for a change, we support the entire process from sourcing and selecting a new AMS product through project management of implementation.

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