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AMS Announces New Client Partners: the Carbon Removal Alliance & Carbon Removal Institute and the United Aerial Firefighters Association

Washington, DC – November 7, 2022 – Washington, DC-based Association Management Strategies, Inc. (AMS) is proud to welcome new client partners to our organization  – The Carbon Removal Alliance & Carbon Removal Institute and the United Aerial Firefighters Association. AMS will provide various management services to these start-up organizations, including Management, Operations, Finance & Accounting, Membership, and HR.

The United Aerial Firefighters Association is a start-up organization whose goal is to advocate for safety in firefighting and elevate awareness of the industry amongst customers, the Federal Government, and the Department of the Interior, and to drive innovation in how the Federal Government responds to wildfires.

The Carbon Removal Alliance & Carbon Removal Institute is a community of carbon removal buyers and sellers advocating for policies and programs that advance high quality, permanent carbon dioxide removal (CDR). The Carbon Removal Institute will demonstrate the breadth and viability of emerging CDR opportunities engaging permanent carbon removal technologies, private market CDR buyers, and other stakeholders to align on core principles for proper valuation of carbon removals, build a library of best practices, and increase public understanding of carbon removal to spur additional investments by government and the private sector.

“At AMS, we have experience shaping our service offerings to meet the unique needs of our clients,” said John Flatley, AMS President. “We look forward to helping The United Aerial Firefighters Association and The Carbon Removal Alliance achieve their missions and strategic goals, while providing the best in association management and administrative services, tailored to meet their individual needs.”

AMS has extensive experience in building start-up associations, as well as transitioning stand- alone organizations to an AMC model.. Not only can we do the required paperwork to establish a new association, AMS can guide the founding members through an effective planning process informed by our expertise in how associations function, what they need to operate effectively on a day-to-day basis, and how to achieve mid- and long-term goals.

Headquartered in downtown Washington, DC and accredited by the AMC Institute, our team of forty experienced association professionals is dedicated to the success of each client-partner.

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