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AMS Staff Gather in D.C. for Annual All-Staff Meeting

On May 21st, the AMS team gathered at our headquarters in Washington, D.C. for our annual all-staff meeting. While AMS is a location-flexible workplace that enjoys the many benefits of remote work, we also find the connections fostered during extended in-person time with colleagues to be incredibly valuable. The success AMS helps its clients achieve is deeply rooted in the strong connections we have as a team. We take pride in our work, our culture, and our people. This annual meeting reflects the importance we place on having a solid, healthy, experienced, professional, and happy staff.

“There’s an undeniable energy when we come together in person,” said AMS President, John Flatley. “These meetings not only strengthen our professional skills but also reinforce the strong, supportive community that makes AMS unique.”

Staff from every level of the organization, as well as all three of our internal staff-led committees, Wellness, DEI, and Social, contributed to the planning and execution of our two-day meeting.

As AMS staff from across the country arrived at our downtown DC office, we kicked off our time together with a team lunch, followed by a fun “get to know your colleagues” icebreaker sponsored by the DEI committee. We were all pleasantly shocked to discover that some of our amazing AMS colleagues can speak multiple languages, sleep with their eyes open, watched a space shuttle launch in person, and even performed the National Anthem at a major league baseball game!

After an official welcome from John, the staff engaged in an interactive group game; AMS staff doesn’t shy away from a little friendly competition! The game was followed by interactive training on topics including microaggressions and networking. Continued professional development is not only prioritized, but engrained in AMS culture and the team was eager to hone skills as a collective. To close out day one, we gathered for a team happy hour on the office rooftop where the team enjoyed catching up with colleagues while practicing the networking skills presented earlier in the day.

Day two began with case studies and breakout sessions. Discussing real-life scenarios allowed the team to practice the collaboration, strategizing, and problem-solving skills that enable AMS to provide the best possible service to our clients. Other sessions that day included customer/member relations, dealing with difficult people, and a wellness exercise brought to us by the Wellness committee. The Social committee organized the close out of this year’s all-staff meeting with a team trip to see the Washington Nationals play at Nats Park!

Our annual all-staff meeting is a meaningful opportunity for AMS staff to reconnect and receive training that contributes to the unparalleled services we provide to our clients throughout the year. After countless handshakes, hugs, laughs, and high-fives, the team returned to their home cities with fresh reminders of the privilege it is to serve our clients and a deepened appreciation for the colleagues we get to work alongside.

By: Jenell Chavis

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