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AMS Celebrates Pride Month

Every June, Pride Month is celebrated around the world. It is a time to honor LGBTQ+ populations with activities such as parades, street fairs, donating to charitable causes supporting LGBTQ+ populations, among other endeavors. It is also a time to reflect on the challenges and obstacles LGBTQ+ communities have faced in the past and continue to face today.

For Pride Month, AMS’s DEI committee set up a community channel where staff could share their own experiences celebrating and honoring Pride Month. Staff showed their appreciation for their LGBTQ+ colleagues, friends, and acquaintances and personal stories about reflections during this month.

As part of the festivities, AMS Associate Ryan Smith, member of the AMS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee prepared an educational session for our staff about Pride Month. In the presentation, he shared some background on the history of the month, including several examples of how the LGBTQ+ community fought for recognition and rights.

The presentation also touched on the continued importance of Pride Month. Beyond serving as a month of celebration, it is an opportunity to memorialize those lost over the decades and to the present day, as well as be more cognizant of how we all can  continue to evolve and learn. Additional discussions focused on the diversity within the LGBTQ+ community.

Toward the end of the presentation, Ryan touched on the topic of intersectionality. He explained that LGBTQ+ populations and related identities exist within all races, nationalities, cultures, and that some who may be considered LGBTQ+ in one culture may just be naturally integrated into society in other cultures.

Thanks to Ryan and the DEI committee for a fantastic presentation. AMS is proud to celebrate Pride Month as a team, and we remain committed to continually enhancing our DEI practices across all levels.